2021 Discoveries

December 22, 2021
A small list of some of my discoveries this year.

2022 is just around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to write a small list of some of the notable things I've discovered in 2021. Some things are just not "big" enough for its own post, so instead I have gathered it in this post.

FolderSync (android app)

FolderSync is an app I started using in the beginning of the year to automatically sync from my phone to the cloud. I use it mainly to backup my screenshots, documents and download directories. Sadly encryption is not supported.


For years I've used my own backup script to encrypt and backup my files to a cloud service, but after years of maintaining the script I started to look for different backup solutions. I tried Duplicati, but it wasn't the right solution for me. Then I found rclone and it's (almost) the perfect solution. I would love if it supported GPG encryption, so I didn't have to store my password on disk, but other than that it is just awesome. I'm planning to write a more detailed post about how I use rclone to backup.

RCX (android app)

RCX is Rclone for Android. Because FolderSync doesn't support encryption, I use RCX to backup my photos and videos to the cloud with encryption. It makes backing up so much easier than having to plug in the phone to the PC. Sadly it doesn't support automatic schedules.


Repman is a free service for private PHP Composer packages. This year I actually got around to use it, and it's very simple and just works, plus it's free and open source.


I have been using Typora (markdown editor) for my notes since last year, and it's a really nice editor for PC. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a compatible android app that I liked, but recently I tried Joplin (again) which has many of the features I'm looking for: encryption, sync via Dropbox (so my files are "owned" by me), has an android app, fast search, open source, markdown support, and much more. I haven't been using it for very long so it's still in the "testing" phase, but I really like it so far.


yt-dlp is a youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes. Awesome CLI tool for downloading videos from a lot of different sites.

Chocolatey (windows package manager)

I have known about Chocolatey for a while, but this year I finally setup choco - mainly for two reasons: to easily upgrade all my software + to install all software on a new laptop by running a single command (eg. choco install -y rclone 7zip git ...).


crt.sh is a site that lists certification history for domain names. Really useful for checking the history of your domains.

That's it for this year, well at least that's all I can remember of the year. See ya next year!

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